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Fast Stamp's philosophy

As the owners Fast Stamp, Christine McIntyre and Mike Brennan are committed to providing you with a quality product in the fastest time possible.

They have owned Fast Stamp since 2007 and are pleased to say their business is steadily growing due to their desire to meet their customers needs in everyway possible. Their turn around time is 2 -3 days, with the option of same day or overnight rush.

They pride themselves on their fast, friendly service and are here to help you with any questions or concerns.

They look forward to doing business with you!

Christine McIntyre

Christine McIntyre comes from a small hamlet outside of Peterborough, Ontario, where she grew up on a dairy farm. She moved to Oakville to attend college where she studied Interpretive Illustration for 3 years. She stayed in Oakville and started working for Ambiance Designs designing wallpaper and textiles. She remained at this job for 27 years, moving to Kelowna, BC in 1986 with the company and worked as head designer until the wallpaper industry subsided. She and her partner, Mike, purchased Fast Stamp in 2007.

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan grew up in Kingston, Ontario. He moved to Montreal, Quebec at 21 to work for Air Canada. He worked there for 33 years and ended up managing the print department. He retired from Air Canada and moved to Kelowna in 1985, where he met Christine. They purchased Fast Stamp in 2007.